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Peculiar leisure battery caps

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    Peculiar leisure battery caps

    Hi Ant (or anyone else who can shed some light!)

    I have a problem with the plug ends that fit onto the leisure battery to use the 12v lights. One has come out of its end!

    They are most peculiar inside - with what looks like a screw (where the wire goes into) a strong spring and an outer cover. To get them off the battery, you actually have to pull on the wire (it says to do this to release them, honest!) and this in turn pulls out a roundy bit on the end of the cap so that they can be released from the battery terminals.

    I had probs with the 12v this last weekend. I had a new smart charger fitted (not by me, but by someone else) and it seems that he inadvertently loosened the wire from the terminal. I can't see how to rewire it, but I'm sure there must be a knack... each time it try, it just comes away again. Any idea how to rewire? It's the positive lead.

    Also, would just having the negative attached make the battery drain, even if nothing was turned on? The battery was flat when I got there. It was fully charged before the charger was attached (with 'o' rings, permanently). Two weeks later and no charge in the leisure battery. , although when I plugged in the smart charger at Polstead, the 12v lights worked. I suspected that the current was just passing thru the charger to power the lights. When I turned off the charger, the system was showing a charged battery, but it was flat again this afternoon when I began to investigate.

    Will put a photo up if needed.

    Hi Jayjay.
    I think I know the terminal end you're talking about, crazy Idea, a case of invention over common sense! They'll always be mistrusted by you now so I'd change them for something else.
    As for your charge in the battery, you may just have a faulty battery that can't hold a charge for long. Often we look for something complicated when the answer is almost too simple to even consider!


      Hi Ant, thanks for your reply! Yes, they are peculiar, but I think they are very practical as they fit right over the battery terminals, no chance of a spark or water getting in.

      The leisure battery is a brand new one, and has held a charge at full for months on end. I rarely needed to even top it up since I had it earlier this season, as only my 12v lights run on it. It's only since messing about connecting this charger that it went flat. I wanted the charger set up so there was no messing about with the silly terminal ends over winter to keep it charged, and for when I will be away for a whiley next summer.

      So what to wire in instead? I really don't like the peg/clip type terminals! And its right next to the gas bottle, something I have to remedy over the winter with a divider.

      Edited to add, just been having a look on the 'net and found these - would they be better? I hate doing all that thing with spanners to get terminals on and off batteries!
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        Jayjay, presumably your battery charge indicator registers Voltage to indicate charge state. As long as there is any sound active material left in the plates in the battery it will show full voltage after charge even though the battery may have very little current capacity.
        The only way to check properly whether a battery is satisfactorily charged is with a Hydrometer. High voltage, low hydrometer reading indicates a "dud" battery. If the battery is faulty a "full charge" voltage will be achieved very quickly and will also fall very quickly in use.
        You say that your charger is permanantly connected. There will always be a reverse current flowing back through the charger when switched off. That should be miniscule and of no real significance, but if your charger has developed a fault it could drain your battery. Try disconnecting the charger after charging and see if that makes any difference.
        Hope this helps.
        By the way, my last leisure battery always showed green in the coloured indicators, but it was still no d*** use!
        I now use a car battery discarded when the engine cranking started to become too slow. It has proved very satisfactory for the domestic demands on my 'van. That has me wondering about the virtues and cost of leisure batteries!
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