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roaming abroad

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    roaming abroad

    Hi Ant,
    I'm setting off for France and Spain in my old N reg Romahome soon. So:
    1. any ideas on enhancing my wing mirrors so I'll be able to spot the overtakers on my left hand side? There is a lot of blind spot at the moment. I've already tried a small extra mirror stuck onto the drivers mirror, not much help.
    2. Is there any way to alter the headlights for the French regulations?
    3. I have recently experienced leaks both sides, presumably coming in via the windows. One window has lost a bite-sized chunk on one vertical edge, which I guess I could find a way to cover up. but nothing to show on the other side, and regularly has let in quite a lot of water (lower edge of curtain really wet in one place)
    4. Brakes: although I've had my brakes "fixed", it still takes me more time than I feel it should to bring the vehicle to a stop. Any ideas?

    Hi Margot.
    If you want to extend your mirror on one side you can fit a standard extension mirror that is commonly used on cars and caravans. It just straps onto your current mirror.
    The headlights can be blanked with tape, the triangular part of the lens is what dips the light beam to the left so by blanking it with tape you wont dazzle anyone.
    Vasoline is an essential part of any Romahome owners kit, smear some on the window rubber and around the edge of the external rubber where it touches the body.
    C15 brakes are always a bit interesting if not a little exciting, providing the rear wheel cylinders are not sticking and the rear compensator valve is set up properly there's not much else you can do to make them any better. Drive with a good stopping distance and hope the French are aware of the C15 brakes and their failings.
    Have a good time.


      When we had our C15 I fitted a pair of mirrors from an LDV sherpa onto small brackets that fastened to the doors using the holes for the existing mirrors. They made a real difference



        thanks guys, v. helpful.
        am setting off next week, and feel more confidant with this advice


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