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C15 Brake servo Oil leak

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    C15 Brake servo Oil leak

    Hi Ant,

    I am loosing brake fluid that I have found to be where the servo and vacuum master cylinder join. So the oil seal must be worn on the linkage on the inside, although I am yet to strip it. The brake pedal does go along way down sometimes so I think that and 21years of age have done this.

    Is it possible to buy just the oil seal or does one have to buy a complete kit inc linkage etc.


    riosromahome aka ecobezhig
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    Hi Riosromahome ( how many more names have you got?)

    I'd just change the whole master cylinder, you can get universal rubber kits but that doesn't cure the the old worn sides of the cylinder. Remember to empty the brake fluid out of the servo or you'll get very little vacuum assistance when braking.


      I would go with Ant

      The master cylinder is leaking and it is a safety issue.

      In years gone by I have replaced rubber seals but I have decided that it is not worth the effort.

      Just buy a new cylinder the following are usually able to supply parts:

      Brakes International

      Or use a local motor factor.

      Do not go to your Citroen dealer - it will cost you a fortune.



        Without proper training brakes are about the last thing on any vehicle which should be tampered with. I have seen horrific "repairs" and modifications to brake systems because of ignorance. All life threatening.
        Replace the cylinder if you must, but do not attempt to recondition it.
        Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


          Thanks Ant, Peter and 2 litre.

          My girlfriend is staying this weekend and I'll be taking her on some nice steep hilly drives.

          However, I'm taking my kayak on the roof next week so I'll have to get a new master cylinder from GSF. Cant risk my ecobezhig kayak.

          Stop press
          just enough time to edit. I have just ordered a new master cylinder from so thanks to Peter. Will drain servo too.
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            Got the new master cylinder and fitted it. bled system with hand sucker from snap on. Then I noticed in the instructions from Snap on that I should have bench bled the master cylinder first. just a little unsure cos the c 15 cylinder points slightly upwards and I'd have thought any air in the cylinder would find its way back into the reservoir.

            Tested the brakes going down a very steep Devon hill and they seam OK though.

            Unfortunatly the Romahome failed the MOT. It was the front offside lower ball joint with excesive wear. strangly enough now the tester has crow bard it I can hear it knocking. I have ordered a new track control arm £20 from car doc.

            One other thing, I got the road tax form £205 for one year is this the case with all Romahomes of same size?


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