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Water in R20 (copied from chat section)

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    Water in R20 (copied from chat section)

    Hi Ant, I have copied my question from the "chat section" any thoughts ?.

    Made a little progress myself with this, a little water is coming in through the louvre at the right hand side at the base of the door as you look from the outside of the van, any ideas where its coming from.



    Hi Geoff.
    Behind the louvres is a space that runs the full width of the van and joins with the space behind the units on the side. If you have a leak somewhere in that area there is a chance it makes its way to the louvre before you see it. If you pull the door rubber off at the base of the door way you can push the louvre plate away and see in, you see gas pipe, water pipe, wires etc, but hopefully you'll see if the water is right across the van or not. If it seems wetter on one side than the other ( or evidence of wet like water staining copper pipe green etc) think how the van is normally parked, dry it out best you can, park it on level ground and look again after rain.


      Thanks Ant, eventually bit the bullet and removed the seal, moved the plate away from GRP and exactly as you described, green tarnish on copper pipe and a bit of residual water. I filled the sink to get a good head on it and drained against a closed dump V/v to prove sink drain pipework and all appeared fine.

      Had a quick word with chap at Romahome (could not have been more helpful) who thought thought "capillary" action under door seal could well be getting significant water in the cavity and even into the area that is giving concern.

      Checked under the seal and it was soaking.

      Will attack this tomorrow with hair-dryer a clear silicon sealant.

      Romahome also reassured me that this was in no way a long term threat to the structure which was my main concern.

      Anyway, thanks for your help.

      Nice change from most of the car world " You have a problem sir, just bring it in and we will give you a nice fat bill and have a look".




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