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Rear dorr problems

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    Rear dorr problems

    Have posted under other threads about water getting into the back of my 1998 Hylo and was convinced at the time that it was the roof vent and took Ant's advice about vaseline around the vent and thought it was cured. But alas - with all this rain I now see that it is coming in through the back door and am at my wit's end on how to stop this.

    The door doesn't appear to shut tightly and is even more of a problem to turn the lock now so would seem to indicate that the door has twisted slightly? No idea why or when this could have happened but I have now resorted to not leaving wet soggy carpets in the back!

    With winter ahead and no way of getting it under cover would appreciate some advice. Is this a job that you could solve Ant? I live in West Wales so it would be possible to get to Bristol.


    Hi Di.
    If you want to give the back door on a C15 a chance of keeping the water out you must always shut the two halves seperately turning the toggles on the lower door to secure it, then shutting the top half as normal. The doors are not very strong and if you just shut the complete door there is nothing below the door catch to hold it shut at the bottom, as you drive, the bottom of the door is sucked out and in time gives the door a curve that stops it sealing at the bottom.


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