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C15 engine fan always on

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    C15 engine fan always on

    Hi Ant,
    My radiator fan just won't switch off. I've disconnected it in the meantime to stop it running down the battery but need to know where to find the temp sensor to fix it. It being winter I doubt i'll have much of an issue from having turned it off while the weather is cold but I'll need to get it fixed before spring.

    Any directions/suggestions would be really helpful!

    C15 1993 HyLo


    Hi Adam.
    With the bonnet up and you facing the engine, look down at the bottom right of the radiator, you'll see the temp switch screwed into the radiator. Get a replacement switch and if you work quickly you can undo one and screw the new one in without having to drain and then bleed the whole water system.
    On the off side suspension tower you will see the "RP" number painted on in either black or yellow paint, quote this number and you'll get the exact replacement part.


      Thanks Ant,
      I was quoted £30.80 + VAT for the replacement so tried just cleaning stuff up and testing it again before going any further. I removed the radiator, drained and flushed the system, cleaned all the contacts, removed the substantial amount of rubber from around the sensor and replaced it with PTFT. Now everything is back in place it all seems to be working much better. No replacement needed.

      I'm very tempted to put a manual switch in the circuit for the fan, I've gained a lot of benefit from the extra warmth from the heater during short journeys.


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