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  • ant
    Hi Witto.
    You're probably the victim of the spider that lives under your fridge! Turn the gas knob to 3, push it in and start the sparker going, hold the knob in, after about 30 to 40 seconds swithch the sparker off for a count of ten then switch it back on ( having had the knob held in all the time). The resulting explosion ( very small one!) is the spiders gas filled web being blown up the chimney, continue to hold the gas knob in and sparker going and the fridge should light. BEFORE carrying out this process check that there are no leaks in the gas pipe and fittings to the fridge. If you have a flexible armoured hose under the fridge it is especially important to check it's ok otherwise you may clear a bit more than the spiders web!

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  • witto
    started a topic fridge


    Hello Ant,

    I've got a 2001 C15 high top romahome. All is fine now except the fridge which does not function. The ignition is definitely working but I cannot hear gas moving through and I cannot get the pilot light on. Any suggestions for simple repairs ? Cheers Rob

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