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R20 back door locking mechanism query

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    R20 back door locking mechanism query

    Hi Ant,

    My name is Barbara Anne. I hope you are well

    I have just purchased a new R20 and am absolutely delighted - my dream of owning a Romahome has a last come true! We were shown around the R20 by the dealer yesterday morning and then drove home. As you can imagine, there was a lot of information. The chappie was very nice and explained to us the way to unlock the back door but we didn't actually try it ourselves.

    Once home, we tried to open the back door from the outside trying to remember the instructions about the turning of the key. We couldn't manage it and so climbed over into the back from the front and opened it from the inside. All well till we locked it up again. Now the key slot is in a different position (was vertical but is now horizontal). We can't get the key fully in and can't open it from the inside either now.

    Working on the assumption that we are of average intelligence (only the occasional senior moment) and that the lock mechanism isn't going to be like trying to get into the Bank of England, we have concluded that this should be something fairly simple. Are we correct in our assumption or are the Romahome Police going to come and remove our new van because we are complete incompetents?

    Many thanks in advance for your sage views on this matter

    Barbara Anne

    Hi Barbara Anne.
    Firstly well done for making the right choice of Motorhome!
    Your problem is not an unusual one for beginers, I doubt you were told to always return the key to its original position before removing it from the lock. If you don't the pegs inside the lock are released in the wrong place and can jam the mechanism up. It's not terminal, but you'll have to jiggle the key in the lock until it goes all the way in and then some more jiggling to turn it back to the correct position. The lock should be sprung to automatically return the key, if it doesn't go back to your dealer and have it changed.

    It's all part of the bonding process, I bet you've already started to talk to the van! (maybe not all nice things but it's a start!)


      I talk to our Romahome, she is called Rosie.

      Years ago my brother in law used to speak to his Landrover called Agnes. he used to stand in front of it with the starting handle in his hand with the other end resting on the front bumper and threaten it with dire consequences when it was a bit recalcitrent at starting. It was always very effective


        Thanks for taking the time out to explain what the problem might be Ant!

        I spoke to the mechanic at Southhampton yesterday, a very nice chap called Michael (he said he's spoken to you a couple of times - I was name dropping!). I asked if it needs looking at if they could make some arrangement with yourselves as the round trip to Bristol is 100 miles less for me than the round trip to Southampton and he was going to speak to his boss today so I'll wait and see what the outcome is.

        I would do a bit of key wiggling as you suggest but the lock seems very jammed and I'm scared I make matters worse. Michael suggested taking the screws out in handle on the inside of the door and having a look but we are both anxious that the door might end up being stuck unlocked, rather than locked as it is at the mo My partner looked horrified at the idea of having to tinker with a brand new car, "We haven't paid 'insert large amount of dosh' to have to take a screwdriver to the thing!!!"

        Anyway - it's all part of life's rich pattern We may meet in the near future

        Barbara Anne


          Hi Ian,

          We have called ours Juanita (Van-eeta). I have been trying to be patient with her and not threaten her with any blunt objects. I am already awaiting the arrival of the Romahome Police to remove her into care because we are incompetent owners who don't even seem to be able to open a door without calamity!

          Nice to meet everyone here



            Barbara Anne

            When I had a similar problem with the back door lock, Ant suggested a squirt of WD40 in the lock and to wiggle the key in the lock - it works remarkably quickly.

            Ant did then replace the lock for me at the next service!



              Originally posted by Ewig View Post
              .... I am already awaiting the arrival of the Romahome Police to remove her into care because we are incompetent owners who don't even seem to be able to open a door without calamity! Barbara
              Don't worry, it is not unusual to find there is something you can't figure out easily. Songbird and I bought a Duo and although we could unlock the door, could not get it to open without a struggle. The answer for that one was, grip the handle near the top, rest thumb on lock and pull. The handle pivoted from the bottom and we had been pulling from half way down, consequently it did not pivot enough to clear the jamb. Everyone at a meet is very helpful so if you have a problem someone will come to your aid. For us it was lighting the fridge.


                We have an older romahome demountable pod that we bought from Ant and have just bought a 53 plate Suzuki Carry Pick-up to mount it on.

                We also have a fibgreglass luton body to swap with the romahome to use it for my work building ornamental ponds.

                We have called the van Donk, short for donkey as it will always be working under load, but a friend said we should have called it Thunderbird 2.

                Perhaps we should have them all sprayed green. !

                Looking forward to the spring when we can venture out.


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