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Romahome c15 load capacity?

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    Romahome c15 load capacity?

    Hello can someone help me by telling me what the maximum weight I can carry in my c15 romahome 1991?

    I've moved this to the "Ask Ant" section he might be able to help.
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      Hi Paul.
      The "Spare Mass Capacity" of a C15 Romahome is not quite as simple as it sounds. Spare Mass was calculated by taking the mass of all offered options on the original price list, a half full fuel tank, a half full water tank, one full gas bottle, 75kg of general luggage and 75 Kg of driver. The sum of all these was subtracted from the remaining vehicle carrying capacity after the body weight had be accounted for. It does not account for the passenger wt which has to be taken from the spare mass.
      Just to complicate it a bit more the C15 came as a 600Kg chassis and a 765Kg chassis. The early Romahome body was made to fit the 600kg chassis (which was a van cut down). The body was lighter than the later body that was fitted to the 765 platform cab C15. The change was about late 1990 early1991.
      Any later body fitted to the 600kg chassis simply reduced the spare mass by 165Kg.
      After all that rambling the the Early C15 had a SMC of 195 Kg on the Hylo ( very heavy roof lifting compressor system), and 245Kg on the Hytop. Later Hylos were 225Kg and Hytops 295Kg. In 1997/8 the body thickness was reduced to try and gain some SMC but it was not officially recorded.
      Hope that hasn't completely confused you!


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