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Technical help please!

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    Technical help please!

    I have a 1998 Duo Plus o a 1.9d Berlingo chassis. Firstly I'd like to change the oil/air filters but got lost in the filter catalogue! what filters do I need?
    The intermittent wipe has died, I assume it is a relay that has failed, the manuals I have don't show which one it is, can you help?

    Ant is away from the forum for his well deserved Christmas break (brake, in his case maybe!). I also have a 1998 Duo Plus 1.9D Berlingo and the Fram filters I use are :-
    Air >>> CA 5456
    Oil >>> PH 5566A
    Fuel >> C 5563

    Although I have the original owners handbook and also the Haynes book of words, I am unable to find the location of any intermittent wipe relay in either book, so Ant is probably the man you need unless someone else can help.
    Have you tried a squirt of WD-40 into the wiper switch? If I can find anything out re. the relay I will get back to you on this thread.


      Hello again.
      I'm back with a bit of good news regarding the location of the relay. With the aid of my stethoscope, I can hear the relay clicking when my Duo is in intermittent wipe mode. The relay is the blue coloured one in the fuse/relay compartment at the bottom of the dash on the drivers side.
      It has on it the markings :-

      LTP/6 - 12
      12 V
      >> Citroen and Peugeot symbols <<

      Opening up the module reveals various electonic components namely, three resistors, one electrolytic capacitor, one integrated circuit and the actual relay. The relay contacts are visible but look very difficult to get at for cleaning purposes. I have not seen an auto relay module like this before so it is maybe a Citroen/Peugeot ''special''. Removing the blue relay module from the dash resulted in no wipers, of course, Thought I had better check that!
      Hope this helps and good luck.




        Hi Tony, thanks for your help, I've been out in the daylight and got some other numbers from the filters so should be able to track them down ok, I'll go and try the blue relay and see what I can discover.
        Martin .


          The Big Blue Relay

          Hi Tony, I tried WD on the switch (not that it is easy to get at clearly) but that didn't help, I removed the relay and hey presto no wipers so I guess the relay covers all the functions, it's a complicated component so I assume not cheap, I'll see if I can find a Berlingo locally with the same relay and try a swap.
          Thanks again,


            Blue relay

            Hi Ant, I managed to get hold of another blue relay, awapped it over with mine and hey presto..... Nothing.
            Can you help further with the lack of intermittent wipe please?


              Hi Martin.
              If after replacing the relay you have the same problem then it can only be one of two things, 1st the column switch and or its connecting block, 2nd the wiper motor connecting block. If you can you need to establish whether or not the switch sends a signal to the relay. To do this set the switch in the right position and try and listen to the relay, does it click every now and again. If it does but no wiper moves then your problem is with the motor end, if no noise then look at the switch end. Corrosion in connecting blocks should also be looked for as its that that normally stops things going on the Berlingo. If the switch is badly corroded then replace it as you'll never get it cleaned up enough to be reliable.


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