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89 C15 numberplate light

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    89 C15 numberplate light

    Hi Ant,
    I ask this question just before I pull off the numberplate. the plate light base is held on by 3 m6 screws but the nuts dropped down from the other side.

    Am I right in thinking tere is a hole behind the numberplate that allows me to reach through and pick them up off the floor?

    Hope your gonna say yes otherwise I'll have to reattach the metal bracket with self tappers.

    Where can I get another assembly from. It's not the same as the champ. It says Jokon and it's number is22817 R4
    and about11" long

    wish I was rich enough to buy a new romahome from you

    God bless our God
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    Hi Ant, I spoke to Romahome and was told it'll cost £34.95 plus P&P for a rear numberplate light. I scanned ebay and found this

    I phoned the lady and paid with credit card and she'll post today 1st class.

    The nuts I had recovered by removing the rear light clusted and sticking my hand deep down inside the spider infested cavity.

    The insulaters were totally burnt out and the metal assembly rusty, I could have repaired it but at 22years + old it make sense to by another very close match.

    Must go kayaking in a gale now to chill out, God Save Me!


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