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Bedford Rascal

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    Bedford Rascal

    Hi Ant
    I understand you are the fountain of all Romahome knowledge. I actaully missed you as you went off for Christmas, hope you had a good one

    My original questions were more or less answered (even though I got my own vehicle wrong!) and the ignition problem has been fixed but I have one query left.
    The Bedford Rascal is E reg 1987
    It has a Romahome on it but it doesn't seem as if it has ever been demountable!
    Everyone else who has helped has described what the Romahome should have in the way of jacking points/holes etc BUT mine has none of these and no trace of them.
    In every other way it is just as everyone has said it should be even to the little cooker.
    Do you know if back then any Bedfords were done by Island and could have been non demount?

    My Romahome unit has the jacking points underneath about 18" from the front of the unit, on each side and almost in line with the edge.

    But when I bought it (from Ant) it had been bolted onto a trailer and these brackets had been removed to allow it to sit flat on the trailer deck.

    I needed to have replacement brackets manufactured.

    If you look under the seat's at the front of the Romahome you should see Holes (or holes that have been sealed) where these brackets would (or should have) been bolted

    Under the seats you should also notice the bolts attaching the unit onto the back of the pick-up. There will be two each side, One at the back as well as one at the front and close to the outside edge.


      Hi Glassman.
      Back in those days everything on a Romahome was an optional extra, even the fridge, 2nd battery and mains hook-up which has been standard for some years now. The demounting kit was included in those options, if the first owner didn't want ever demount it they may not have opted for the kit. The demounting capability was largely a tax dodge, in the 80's there was a tax called "Car tax" and as soon as you turned a van into a motorhome you were charged another 5% on top of the vat, this tax applied as soon as you put a window into a van but by having a demountable the pick-up was not subject to the tax nor was the pod, so the buyer would have a motorhome without having to pay the extra 5% tax. Once the Car tax was dropped we saw very few demountables being made.


        Hi! Aside from Ant's answer, are you sure it's a Romahome and not a Bambi? They were both put on Bedford Rascal flatbed vans. The two are very similar in appearance, both inside and out, but the Roma is fibreglass and demountable, the Bambi is coachbuilt and isn't.

        There was a thread on this very thing not long ago: see below.
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          Bedford Rascal

          Many thanks one and all

          Your info on Romahome history Ant could explain a lot.
          If I don't find the bits Reggie's Dad has identified then it was possibly never a demount. Being a bit slow nowadays I never thought of the original holes being covered or filled!

          And it is a Romahome all GRP and just like all the pictures I've been sent but thanks anyway JayJay.


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