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Vehicle Registration

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    Vehicle Registration

    Hi Ant.
    Just a Quick Question.I have noticed that on my Tax Renewal
    Notice that my Outlook 05 Berlingo Tax Classification as being
    Light Goods Vehicle. Considering its a small motorhome and used for
    Liesure and Private purposes,is this Tax Class right.

    Thanks Gingertom

    Hi Gingertom.
    Your Reg doc should say "Motor Caravan" under body type, and "Private/light goods (PLG) under taxation Class.

    When I register a new vehicle I have terrible trouble getting it registered correctly, the Citroen paperwork is never right. In fact my LVLO ( Local Vehicle licencing Office) in Bristol now does not accept the Citroen paperwork on its own and I have to personally import the vehicle as a Motor Caravan on behalf of the customer. A few years ago that meant each vehicle had to be transported to the LVLO 40 minutes away, inspected, and then registered by using 9 different forms instead of 3. They are a bit more relaxed about the inspection now and allow me to declare it as a motor Caravan on another form. The whole process could take half a day per vehicle! So I'm not surprised you've got one registered as a light goods, I must admit it's very tempting when I'm very busy. I have been told by the Manager of my LVLO that in time all the wrongly registered vehicles will need to be reregistered correctly, in fact he's the man who is going to over see the process. Don't panic the van may well have been scrapped by the time they get organised!
    In the mean time you're enjoying an extra £5 a year on the cheaper Light goods tax.


      Registration Reply

      Hi Ant
      Thanks for the prompt reply. It might as well stay as it is,being a Fiver better off.
      Regards Gingertom


        I've had the same query on my Kangoo Roo but financially it's left me worse off.

        My Kangoo Roo is a car conversion involving nothing more other than fitting out the car body and I pay LGV road tax at £185 (the same as for my van). My husband has the same model car and pays £120 tax on it.

        There seems to be some inequality in the taxing system - a camper covers only a fraction of the mileage of probably most cars in daily use.


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