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C15 electrics

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    C15 electrics

    Hi Ant....

    I have 2 x 30-amp 4-spade relays screwed to the nearside inner wing. The screw is the earth connected by a short white cable to one spade. I decided to clean the earth contacts and removed the screw on the first, when one of the 'live' spades fell off; clearly corroded. It would not have lasted much longer so I am pleased I had a look.

    However I am not sure what the 2 relays operate. The headlights still work with one relay removed, but I was a bit worried about trying anything else. Can you please enlighten me?

    Also I intend fitting a louder horn for motorway use. Do you happen to know if there is a relay in the feed to the original horn, which I shall retain and switch to for general use.

    Hi Roger.
    The relays are not Citroen in origin, they are the 12v fridge relay and the split charging relay for the 2nd battery. The one with the heavy yellow wires is the fridge relay, it probably has 15amp fuse in line.
    Sorry missed the last bit of your question, the horn has no relay it's simply a live switch.
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