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    Does anyone run a Berlingo 1.9 on Biodiesel? I know if you have Bosch pumps it may be possible but would like to hear of personal experiences as it doesn’t seem to be a thing that Citroen is willing to discuss. I have a 1998 Duo Plus and with the current price of fuel, any saving would be welcome.

    Hi Duvi! And welcome

    Is this site any use in your quest?


      I use a very good repair garage,recommended to me by the DoT, they use biodiesel for their vehicles,which they get by the pallet from a company in wales.
      You need a place and licence to store,it comes in big plastic containers,you need a spark free pump.
      They say its good but multivalve engines can run hot on it!
      Lokk up several homemade biodiesel sites and become familiar with the law,you cant just switch to chip fat life isnt that simple.
      Personally I would be careful,you will automatically invalidate any warranty,and your insurance may not like it,check first.
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        I know a fella who has a Romahome C15 1.8 diesel.

        He puts old cooking oil, engine oil, Tesco veggie oil, white spirit, diesel sometimes and anything that burns.

        First and foremost it must be very clean and the white spirit 5 ish% thins the old oil.

        This is the same with many diesels, you can run them on many oils as long as they are very clean.


          Thanks for your input but the information I’m looking for is: are Citroen 1.9 diesel engines able to run on biodiesel? What are to potential drawbacks and problems that are lightly to arise? One is allowed to produce 2500 litres of biodiesel without having to pay duty.


            Hi Duvi.
            Diesel/Bio diesel mixes will run fine without any engine problems, you may need to replace filters more often ( 5000 mile intervals). Pure bio diesel is not so straight forward, there are implications on the fuel lines which tend to decay very rapidly on bio fuels, the fuel filter becomes clogged in about 3000 miles which inturn causes engine running problems. Yours wont have one, but any catalytic exhausts with particle filters will suffer. I service several older XUD engined Romahomes which run on bio fuel ( mainly chip fat sourced) and to be honest they are not what they could be. Power seems to be down, they smell like a chip shop after a fire and need to be serviced every other month to keep them going. Your Berlingo will have the XUD engine so it would be possible to run it on pure bio diesel but if you want my advice dont but if you must mix it half and half with ordinary diesel. Fill the tank at the pumps and when it reads half full put your bio in to fill it again, keep mixing it like that and eventually you'll have a higher percentage of bio to normal and may need to fill again with normal and start the process again.
            If your motives are purely financial and you intend to use recovered oils from other industries fair enough, but environmentally bio diesel is pretty suspect. poorer countries clearing forests to grow palms for the bio diesel industry doesn't really make for a cleaner biodiverse world.
            The technology of the modern diesel engine will lead to a much cleaner burning engine and one that is designed to run on recovered oils so the rain forests can be left to provide the oxygen we all need!


              Thanks Ant,

              That has answered many of my questions. If one were to change the fuel lines, would this solve some of the problems? Changing the fuel filter every 3000 miles is no great problem.
              I have located a source of free used vegetable cooking oil and after purchasing the processer (£750) it should cost approx 20p per litre for chemicals, electricity and water etc. Driving 10,000 miles per year at about 40MPG would soon recoup the outlay.
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                Fuel lines that are resistant to bio fuel would eliminate problem of fuel leaks, or you could replace with original lines every now and then. Either way there is a cost involved. Also be prepared to get fewer miles to the gallon in your calculations, you're going to be driving the vehicle much harder than you would on pure diesel.
                Good luck


                  There is evidence on other forums that veg oil damages the seals in the Lucas injector pumps


                    On long runs (when Veg prices were a lot less than diesel) I used to put NEW Veg oil in my Mazda Bongo (Tescos finest was good!)

                    It was especially good to put some in at MOT time as it doesn't half tidy the emissions up.

                    I had the option of putting Bio Fuel in when up in the Hebrides,I shied away!!

                    I was with 2 other Bongos who filled up with it,guess whos Bongo made it all the way home with no problems......yeah mine.The Bio Fuel had excess water in it and this settled in the fuel filters,basically drowned the engines.

                    From what I remember it is advised if your fuel pump can handle it to have the seals changed to ones that are more accepting of it,the originals in the Bongo were natural rubber and over time did show signs of degradation,I would say this.......if in doubt stay with Diesel its safer in the long run and also the supermarkets have now cottoned onto new Veg oil being used as fuel......guess what there has been a price hike some places have been reported as selling it a couple of pence cheaper than Diesel,I remember a few years back when it was less than half the price AND diesel was cheaper then too.....much cheaper!

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