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C15 Hytop

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    C15 Hytop

    Hi Ant, I'm new to the forum and am interested in the C15 Hytop Romahome, preferably with power-steering. Thinking about this as a 'starter' to see if I like having a camper-van. I'd be looking to spend £5,000 to £8,500 and probably buying in the spring (if I find anything suitable then!).

    Could you advise please on whether all models had space for a porta-potti under the seat, whether (and approx at how much cost) you can fit a blown air heater and what some of the likely problems are that I might encounter - I understand that compared to a modern car the brakes would seem less than savage and that some vehicles might have rust. I do understand though that I would be buying a 14 or so year old vehicle and that some problems will be inevitable.

    Any advice you could give would be gratefully received, thanks.

    Hi Eric.
    Go with your gut feeling, it's rarely very far out !
    The rust on a C15 can be a problem, body parts are getting a bit harder to find outside the Citroen network. Check bonnets, door skins, engine compartment bulkhead and rear chassis legs.
    Service history is also important, timing belt changes, overheating history( walk away if it has overheating history).
    Brakes are a tad spooky but that's standard.
    It is what it's supposed to be and that's a simple functional car/camper.
    Look at it,
    Drive it,
    Read about its past,
    then go with your gut feeling.
    Perfection isn't there to find so best not to start looking for it!



      Thanks Ant. That sounds like good advice



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