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Romahome sills

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    Romahome sills

    I am refurbishing my 1997 HYLO Romahome and need to change the sills. I have been told by some bodyshops that the body needs to comme off the chassis. I am sure that the body cannot be split. Do you know the best way to change the sills? Are they structural or just cosmetic?

    Have a read of this restoration thread by another forum member.

    The body can be removed from the van base, it's been done many times but is not a simple job and has usually been done in order to transplant the habitation pod on to a new vehicle.
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      I replaced both of mine and to remove them I purchased a spot weld removal drill bit, they are spot welded on and when it comes to the fiberglass section they are riveted and glued on but they will come off quite easily.

      Word of warning, if you buy them from fleabay like I did then they are NOT replacement sills but patch repair sills, it means they are around 2" to small but I cut some good sections from the old sill cleaned them up and welded them in place to cover the short fall.

      Also another word of warning is that some garages either don't know the rules or are just ignorant of them, one garage told me they have to be welded the full length with a continuous weld along the sill and the one I took mine to told me that they are not part of the chassis and can be spot welded back on and that's what I did and she past her MOT.

      NO WAY does the body have to come off.

      New sill in place.
      sill repair (Medium).jpg

      This is what I used to refix the section to the fiberglass and it's excellent stuff and available from auto spares or fleabay. get the white stuff not like this fool who bought the black stuff but it doesn't really matter because I re-sprayed over the sills and it takes paint very well.
      WP_20160711_16_23_56_Pro (Medium).jpg
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        Hi Jeff,
        This is exactly the information I was looking for. I can now show this to my repairer and hopefully get the job done.
        You are a lifesaver.


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