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C15 d driveshaft

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    C15 d driveshaft

    Hi Ant,

    the offside drive shaft on my F reg c15d is rumbling under drive. I cant be bothered in replacing the inner joint and will just buy another shaft.

    Is the 1.8 the same as a 1.9 shaft?


    nigel rios

    Hi Nigel.
    No is the answer, the 1.9 shaft is thicker, not by much but enough to stop it fitting. The 1.8 shafts are now pretty cheap in the market place, £40 or £50 gets you a good one.


      Well, I ordered a new o/s driveshaft from our local dealer £51. Then I started dismantling the shaft from the van after having drained the gearbox oil. I noticed the exhaust downpipe was touching the anti-roll bar. so I started the engine and it was rattling.

      I pushed the shaft back into the gearbox, re-tightened the intermediate bearing bolts,outer splines back in, outer ball joint back in, wheel on, lowered down refit and tighten hub nut with extra lever, wheel nuts done up, repositioned exhaust and better support from the middle. topped up gearbox oil, went for a drive.

      No noise whatsoever. So what did I acheive? well I'll loose some money from Kevin cooper motor factors, gained un needed experiance but I wasted an hour of my life.

      I'll think of a moral for the story when I go to bed tonight.

      God rest my brain


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