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Duo fabric unstuck

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    Duo fabric unstuck

    Hi Ant. (again ) We have a Romahome Duo, S reg. We have a problem with the fabric just above the tear drop window. It appears to have come unstuck ! What do we use to stick it back in place. Underneath it , its foam. We have a similar problem with the fabric on the door handle area but that had a fabric underneath. Thank you.

    Hi Pendel.
    I use the carpet adhesive you get in a spray can ( I think is just an expensive way to buy evostick!), it allows you to spray glue up into areas you can't reach without having to take everything apart. If you need to do very small areas spray some into a small container ( cap of the spray can) and use a small paint brush to apply it.


      Thanks also for this info. I intend lining the roof of the luton in my Duo so this solves my dilema as to what adhesive to use.
      I have some cream wipeable vinyl for the finished surface and am just casting about to find a suitable semi flexible insulation material. The insulation material used under my basement electric underfloor heating would have been ideal, but there was not a big enough offcut left over. boo hoo.


        Thank you ant. We will pick some up today & get it done.


          Derek did the refixing with the carpet spray glue !
          Be carefull Twinkletoes, make sure you use gloves or like Derek you will find it difficult to get the glue off your hands. They dont mention it on the can so Derek didnt wear any gloves, he's wishing he did now.


            Remember to get/use the higher temperature glues (I call the spray glue "double-sided" as you glue both halves first, then attach).

            The inside of cars/vans etc get quite hot in the summer, and some items (like the glue-on velcro) end up un-sticking in the heat, and then re-sticking in a different position at night!!!

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              Thanks for that advice Pendel and Steamy Dave. I've been busy getting the house ready to put on the market so jobs on the Duo have had to wait, but I'm now ready to tackle them.

              The first being to unjam the cupboard over the hob. Ant suggested sliding something thin down the side of the mechanism and pushing the latch back, but this has not worked I will have to get my thinking cap on. It's a good job there is nothing vital in the cupboard at the moment.

              The second job is re-fix the clips in the end of a window blind. (once I've found the missing piece!).


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