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Duo cupboard door catch

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    Duo cupboard door catch

    The door above the hob is jamed shut. The push catch is half out and the door not tightly shut.

    I have taken the cap off a working catch and see how it should work. On the faulty catch the horizontal bar will not go back as far as it should and does not come forward as much as it should.

    The working catch has a plastic shutter but this seems to be broken off on the faulty one.

    Is it going to be less hastle to repair if I jemmy the door open or drill lots of holes in the lock mechanism and try to get the broken bit out so as to slide the tongue back?

    Or should I take it to a local Motorhome repair centre
    that I know are not rip-off merchants?

    Any advice gratefully received.

    Having removed the knob, if you look carefully into the hole where the catch comes through the door you'll see two slots either side of the square plastic bit ( the slots are about 10mm long and 1mm wide), using the something thin and pointed, I use a penknife, you should be able to force the tongue back enough to open the door. There is a plastic spring in the mechanism of the catch, if it breaks the tongue fails to return.


      Thanks Ant, I will try this tomorrow in the daylight. I thought there must be a better solution than destroying the door or frame! Ann


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