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    Hi Ant
    Alex here-the guy with the '96 Hitop on a '06 C15

    Did not drive the van for nearly a month after my last post, lost a little interest for a while,however,I went over to Kingsbury and meet up with Ian and the others at the meet. I felt reassured by the comments and suggestions given to me, thanks again to the people I met.

    So I left feeling better about the van. Since then I have virtually taken out most of removable items in the habitation unit, cleaned, repaired & replaced and now I am at ease about this part of the van.

    Thanks again about the info on the chassis I still need to get the rest of the gear together (the van came with nothing except for the steady brace) to enable me to use the van for camping, everything as lightweight as possible

    Now I am in the course of turning my attention to the Citroen side of this unit and this is where I seek your help.( I need to find a manual so I can tackle some of jobs by myself)

    One of the headlamps lets in water somehow, there is no visible sign of damage to the glass, so I intend to remove the unit for further investigation. How do I go about this? Also I do not see how to remove the indicator unit that is set into the front bumper, it appears to be spring loaded, I tried to remove this 1. to see how how to do it & 2. to find out what type of bulb I need to get for a spare.

    Hope you can help Alex

    you have a very nice outfit there Alex,now,will you come and join us at Morton in Marsh?
    Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


      Yeah, come on Alex we need more men for the men's skittle team.
      Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


        Take it off and into a warm room, make sure that it is properly dry. Look at the join between the glass and the reflector all the way round as this is where the water gets in. Seal with silicone sealant. If you cannot find a crack just seal it all the way round.


          The headlight is mainly a push fit, you just need to pull the light out most of the time, however, there are some lights that have a locking slide on one of the top fittings, in this case pull the slide out using some pliers before pulling the light. The bumper indicators have a spring clip on one side, you can depress the clip with a thin tool ( penknife) by levering the clip up against the body of the light and it will pop out.


            Thanks for the advice. Piece of cake when you know how and I am learning all the time



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