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Re sitting the side windows in the Duo

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  • Re sitting the side windows in the Duo

    When we were away camping last week one of the side windows in the habitation decided to try and get away. It was slightly open to allow the extension lead to be plugged in but the site was tremendously windy. Anyhow, the back door had not apparently been properly shut and as John was lifting the window from outside to release the lead, a gust of wind threw the back door open and blew the window out of John's hands. It was only the metalwork holding it in place.

    We bodged it up as best we could (and believe me that was a job and a half) and we managed to secure it shut. I know that the windows come out of the rubber strip and have to be bonded back in with something like Sikaflex but we had trouble getting the window high enough in the channel to clear the shutting fixture inside. Obviously there is sealant in there taking up space.
    I know the theory and we will have to tackle it as the other window did the same in springtime so we have two to do but....

    When I look at the rubber strip on the bodywork I can't make out how it attaches and I don't want to start taking it off without advice.

    A) There is a strip of rubber that seems to sit in a channel on the rubber. Is this strip removable and will it give me access to either the rivets or screws holding the strip to the van

    B) How would it be best to clear the channel of old sealant. I know not to use a knife, John says some sort of round rasp type thingy.

    C) What other than Sikaflex could I hold the window in with please.

    I hope you are enjoying your retirement (she says, tongue in cheek, since I'm bothering you) and looking at my question with your feet up on the settee and a cuppa in hand.

    Thanks Ant (or any other knowledgeable members)

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    Hi Sandra.
    I've not gone yet, the workshop is still booked until December!
    I use a bit of wood to clear the hinge strip of old sealant, it doesn't damage the aluminium.
    No need to remove the hinge strip just clear the old sealant and shove the window in with new, if you feel you want to remove the hinge then the fixings are under the trim strip, be careful when trying to get the sikaflex under the hinge to let go that you don't pull some gel coat off the body!
    The original fitting just had a clear silicone sealant holding the window in the hinge, if you use the same be sure everything is dry before you start.


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      Many thanks Ant. Much appreciated


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        Glad it's sortable, Sandra! I hope you manage to fix it ok.... what were you using the extension for? (just out of interest!)


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          The extension lead goes from the van into the utility tent and allows me to run my little oven (Like the Aldi one recently mentioned, in fact Lidl had them all last week too)

          There isn't any safe room in the van for the oven, it does get very hot all round so it stands on a shelf from a camp kitchen and is great piece of kit.

          Even though it's not a high power oven it does nice roast potatoes or home made oven chips, and being in the awning means that when I've finished using it I don't have to leave it in the van taking up space while it cools down.

          I did it as an extension as I asked on here about using a splitter but felt that it would cause too many problems, although I am now re-thinking that and perhaps trying to split the lead from the van further down so that the join is in the awning.
          After the window blew out it meant I tried using the lead with the back door open but it was so wet and windy the rain was blowing in the door.

          In the end we fed the lead through the passenger cab window and wound the window up as high as we could to keep out the rain. It worked but wasn't very convenient.

          We have started unloading into utility virtually as soon as we arrive as it means the inside of the van stays pretty jumble free, so the oven goes in almost straight away.
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            Ah, I'm with you now. Yes, getting an extension from a campervan into an awning can't be easy, Sandra! I don't know what the answer to that one is!


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              Well, O think I'm an idiot (correction - I know I'm an idiot!) Why I always go the difficult way round a problem I do not know

              I was concerned that the campsite would object to a splitter because I was thinking they would see it from the post but it came to me in the middle of the night (why oh why I think instead of sleep in the middle of the night I do not know!) but
              If I get the sort that attaches to the van similar to this one, but double not triple ,then when we're off site it can tuck in the awning and when I want to use the oven I just attach it and attach the extension lead to it and feed the lead into the awning and plug the oven into that DOH!
              triple adaptor.jpg This will plug into the van, our van lead will go into one socket and the spare lead for the oven will go in the other and then I don't need to worry about feeding anything in through windows and doors. What a plonker The awning is usually site close to the van and if it is put on the side where the electric is then it shouldn't be too obvious and won't be on show unless it is being used.


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                Sandra, why not the other way? Presumably you leave the awning / utility tent, erected when on site and if you use the van to go somewhere.
                Why not run EHU into the awning, put on the splitter - a short CABLE to a 13amp socket (domestic plug socket) for oven and Awning light if required. Second CABLE from splitter will feed to the van.
                Amor omnia vincit et nos cedamus amori


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                  Sandra, sorry to hear of your woes. Not a solution to your problem but ... I know that like us you don't use your water tank. I have run a cable (2, in fact) down my water pipe into the tank so I have a 12v socket (and a ham radio aerial coax socket) sitting just behind my water tank filler cap. Remove the cap and I have access to the sockets. The other end of the wires are in the van (the 12v connected via a fuse to the leisure battery) so I have access to the inside from outside the van. Won't work for 240v unfortunately as I doubt you will find any safe 240v socket small enough to fit behind the water filter cap.

                  Hope the window isn't too big a replacement job.


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                    Thank you both. Somethings to think about there (but not tonight - tonight I want to sleeeeeeeeep !)


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                      Our campsite neighbor has one of these actually in the van socket. I suspect the extension socket is a small Euro plug though
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                        Oooooo.That looks interesting Brian. It has two leads so presumably one powers into the van and the other is the extension (or am I seeing double )


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                          No, that's exactly what it looks like. I didn't investigate where the extension goes to. It's a Dutch van so I suspect that the extension is a small Euro-plug.

                          Does look a neat solution


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                            I sneaked around the back of his van to look. The additional cable went into the huge rear locker of the van which fortunately was open and the cable appeared to be powering a large cool box. Hmmm I thought those cool boxes were 12v rather than 230v. So more confused now.


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                              Curiosity got the better of you eh? A man after my own heart (but don't tell john !!) I always like to follow things through too


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