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    Fridge Gas Lighter

    Hi Ant,

    the fridge gas lighter seems to have become somewhat unreliable since you replaced all the pipes.

    Sometimes it seems to be fine, then other times I can't get a spark. Flipping the switch back and forth will occasionally make a zap, but by then the build up of gas causes a pop that blows itself out. Eventually it gets lit and things seem to be fine. Reminds me of the old days of the piezo lighter.

    Other times, it seems to work as normal. Zapping away immediately as it used to when there is no gas yet and lighting the gas in one zap when I push in the knob.

    I have wondered whether it might be unhappy with the 14.4V that it gets when the solar has filled the batteries, as late afternoon, when I switch from 12V to gas is the worst time for it. But I am not sure if that is not coincidence.

    Any advice? I really don't want it to stop working on me.

    Is there any way to light the gas if it does stop working?


    Hi Peter.
    The sparker wont care about the 14volts the solar gives it, it much more likely to be condensation around the electrode. The sparker is very sensitive to any damp. While your using the 12volt on the fridge it probably warms the surrounding area at the back of the fridge, where warm meets cool you'll get some damp. If the magic box that creates the spark is dying, try blowing some warm air under the fridge ( use a hair dryer or similar, I know it wont be your own hair dryer!), this normally speeds up the rate of spark.
    Worst case is buying a new spark box ( £60 odd) as lighting it with a flame is not really on.


      Originally posted by ant View Post
      use a hair dryer or similar, I know it wont be your own hair dryer!)

      There was a time when I had hair down to my shoulders - maybe it was the extra weight that made it all fall out.



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