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Well, what can I say....?

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    Well, what can I say....?

    Thank you very much would be an inadequate start!
    The number of cards with kind words, alcohol and chocolates Pam and I have received in the past week will make for a very happy start to retirement, then Graham and Pauline turn up with a beautifully engraved tankard generously contributed to by members of the Forum, I'm truly humbled by the sentiment behind the gift. Possibly a little large to christen with the large bottle of Gin that accompanied it but Hey Xmas is coming so the rules can be broken! The Bombay mix bag was removed from me before I finished it in one hit and the "Heros" chocolates bought a smile to my face as Pauline presented them as Heros for a Hero! ( I think that's pushing it a bit, Heros save lives not Romahomes!). The lovely flowers are brightening up the office but suspect will get taken home soon.
    Thank you all for even thinking about getting me something to mark my life with Small Motorhomes let alone producing it, I will continue to help on the Forum until my knowledge is out of date.

    Thank you all again I'm truly humbled.

    Dear Ant,
    Thank you for all you have done for us Romahomers. We have never met but I know how much respect comes your way from members who have.

    Yes, Heroes save lives but I am sure that there are many Romahomers who will say you saved the life of their pride and joy (or at least preserved/extended its life )

    Enjoy your well earned retirement. You (both) deserve it.


      And the same from me! Glad you liked the gifts and please stick around!
      Have you made any plans for your retirement, or is it too soon yet?


        Hi Ant, It was lovely to see you and Pam yesterday and we were honoured to be the ones to present you with the gifts from your friends on the forum.

        You are a true one off and we will all miss your expertise when we have problems with our vans but it’s so typical that you said you’ve told all your customers they can still contact you and seek verbal help on this forum because you didn’t want to let anyone down.

        Dont forget to have some time for yourselves and enjoy a different kind of life now, you deserve a good rest.
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          Originally posted by ant View Post
          ! Pauline presented them as Heros for a Hero! ( I think that's pushing it a bit,
          You might not wear a cape and mask but that greasy overall makes you our hero
          Guardian of the Ducks
          2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Quack!


            Thank you for your help and we both hope you and Pam have a very happy and enjoyable retirement... you are a true gent. Xxx


              Thanks for all your help over the years and wishing you a very happy retirement.


                Hi Ant,
                Thanks for the help you have given me personally. Also, thanks for the knowledge you have generously shared with the Forum Members. Happy Christmas and every blessing for your ‘retirement’ and new roles.

                All best,
                Ian Kane


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