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    oil dipstick

    hi ant, oil dipstick on a 2006 2.0 hdi blowing out slightly, 67,000 miles on clock, any idea's.

    Hi Jim.
    A very common thing on the 2.0 hdi, it indicates an increased sump pressure but various attempts to cure it over the years have not lasted. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I had one which started to pop the dip stick at around 50K and went on to do 240K with the dip stick popping up an inch. It's too late to start at 67K but I suspect regular engine flushing at oil change services might have reduced the likelihood of increased pressure forming. The 2.0 hdi is such a robust engine I doubt you'll have any major issues as a result of the dipsticks activity just keep it in clean oil and air, change the cam belt before its due and don't run it out of water and it will serve you well.


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