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Webasto heating problem in Romahome R40

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    Webasto heating problem in Romahome R40

    dear Ant, I went to turn on the Webasto heating in my Romahome R40, would not turn on , tried several times, took out fuses and replaced but nothing. The control panel flashes green continuously and will not go off. will this drain the leisure battery, it is on hook up at the moment. do you service these heaters? thank you
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    Hi Bosslady.
    Normally if there's a fault with the unit you'll get a sequence of green flashes followed by red ones, count the red ones they're the fault codes. If it just flashes green ( it will eventually stop flashing) it may just be confused, it's not a good idea to give the heater several instructions in quick succession without allowing it to complete the first, usually 90 secs between knob adjusting.
    Check its got water in the unit, cold nights and days trigger an auto dump function which needs 90 mins to reset after the temp has risen above 5 degrees, if you're using it in cold weather its fine but left unused it will dump its water. Check the battery is fully charged and you have at least a third of fuel in the vehicles tank.
    Now with the 3 fuses removed set the control to high heat ( air only) and the thermostat midway, now replace the fuses in the correct order and touch nothing, hopefully the heater will start, run it hot to clean any excess fuel out of the burner from repeated attempts to start it. The webasto dual top was designed to be switched on as you set off on a camping trip and never turned off ( you can switch between water and air) until you get back home it doesn't like being messed about with.
    I'm afraid I don't have a workshop anymore so can't offer any physical help.


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