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wheel trims

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    wheel trims

    I lost 2 wheel trims whilst travelling in the outer hebrides last week (probably bouncing on and off the ferries).
    I think they are 13" ones. Could you confirm this.
    Its a 1995 C15.
    If I am correct I have found a set for about £25 on ebay.
    Is that a reasonable price?

    Yes they are 13inch wheels, the C15 wheel shape never hangs on to trims for long so spend the earth on new ones!


      My Bedford Rascal Roma also had 13" wheel trims and I lost a couple in the Hebrides as well! Strange coincidence, eh?

      I fastened mine on with a couple of cable ties on each wheel so they didn't come off. Every so often they would come loose and I would have to push them back into place.

      I also got some valve extensions, from a local car shop - approx £2 for four - as the tyre valves were very hard to get at with the trims on.


        wheel trims

        I can't see any way to attach cable ties to a C15, any ideas?
        Also, I now have four new trims, courtesy of Halfords and bought some tyre slick as well. Polished the whole van (I don't think it's ever seen any!).
        Rodney is most made up and is becoming a bit of a celeb on our street - Show off!!


          Well I poked mine through to the back of the wheel, then pushed them around the... spokes? and pulled them back through to fasten them with the hooked end of a clothes hanger. I don't know what the C15 wheels are like though, mine was a bedford rascal.

          If behind the trim it's a row of holes, you should be able to push the cable tie in through one hole and out of the next, then secure at the front to your trim.


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