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Propane to Camping Gaz?

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    Propane to Camping Gaz?

    My new R20 is fitted with propane and I gather this is not always easy to refill on the continent. Is it possible to get some sort of adapter to convert the regulator to accept Camping Gaz?

    Are there any problems/gotchas/adjustments etc switching over temporarily to Camping Gaz (which I assume is butane or a butane mix).

    Thanks Brian
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    You will need a different "pigtail" from the regulator. We have a pigtail that will accept the conversion piece to fit a propane cylinder and also a Control valve to fit a 907 cylinder. The parts are easy to see on the gaslow web site and available from most caravn dealers.

    We used to take one propane and one 907 in case we ran out but 907s are expensive to exchange.

    We have just returned from France and we only had electricity on 2 nights, the weather was hot and our fridge was on all the time and we still have gas left in a propane cylinder that was put on to go away. We now take a spare propane cylinder and i have described elsewhere how we do it because our offside outside locker is filled with a hot water tank

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