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Draining water tank on a dimension

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    Draining water tank on a dimension

    Apart from opening the hot and cold taps and turning them off quickly when the tank runs dry to avoid damaging the pump is there another way of draining the tank? Is there a gap in the tank underneath?

    Hi Chris. There was a tap underneath on the water tank on ours. You have to lie on the ground and stretch right under the van to reach it.

    in winter you also need to drain the water heater, on ours there is a drain tap in a hole near the heater when you open the back doors you should see it. It's like a mousehole
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      As above, there is a tap on the tank and as Pauline says, you have to reach under the van to open it. Maybe a good case for a modification? The heater drain is easily reached. Don't forget to close the drain valves before refilling.

      On a slightly related point.. I found that the waste water drain hose vibrated against the fresh water tank and caused a 'drumming' sound. I've temporarily fastened it out of the way, but I must fix it properly.
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        Thanks for the answers. I found the tap underneath and have now drained it ok


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