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A12 duo

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    A12 duo

    Hi Ant,
    we've just got our Duo Plus home.
    We have a few small problems we hope you can help with.
    The cab battery had gone flat so the radio needs recoding. The previous owner can't find it.
    The running cold water isn't working . The pump makes a noise the tank is full tried sucking tap pipe with cold water tap open, running water in the shower pipe without head on pulling pipe out to full extent putting it at lower than floor etc.
    Don't want to run pump too long
    Appreciate any help

    Hi Peter.
    I think if there is no evidence of the radio code written anywhere you'll need to speak to Dean at Freeborn on the Workshop reception. Dean is normally able to find old radio codes on one of the steam opperated computers that store them, failing that Romahome themselves may have it as it was once owned by them.
    As for the water not pumping. Firstly, do your feet get wet? sometimes a pipe comes off behind the panels and the first you know of it is wet feet! If all is dry then the pump is either dry and or sucking air. The only way to wet the pump effectively is to remove the outlet pipe from the pump and physically force water directly into the pump as its pumping. If it throws it back out with a deep gurgling noise get the outlet pipe back on as quick as you can. If it still doesn't pump check the inlet side isn't drawing air, loose pipe clips, cracked balloon filter ( if still fitted) are normally the culprits. If the filter is still fitted and it's cracked, just remove it and fit the pipe directly to the pump.


      You maybe able to get your radio code by posting the numbers stamped onto the radio casing here

      They can't do all codes but did gives us a code for our Peugeot Motorhome when we had a flat battery, we had a reply within minutes. The Peugeot dealer wanted to see the vehicle, the log book and charge us £20 for it!!
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        Hi Peter

        with that model of Berlingo it is very easy to fit an after-market radio/CD player. The conversion leads to fit Citroen wiring are readily available - I fitted a Kenwood model to our year 2000 berlingo car.



          Duo water & Radio

          Thanks Ant & Glen,
          have got the pump working great now only problem is water was pouring out from under the fridge.
          Had to strip rear fibregass box out and remove plywood cover off erberspacher heater to discover black top hose on hot water tank was leaking . It seems to large a bore and fits over a brass connection with a (stepped pipe rideged ) and jubilee clip clamped over it.
          Tried some red hermatite had stored away for over 20yrs (semi hardening joint paste) got covered in it turned pump on and water still leaking.Cut inch off hose shoved back on tightened clip still leaking.
          Probably needs new hose.
          Will contact Freeborn for radio code.


            New CD Radio

            Thanks Peter,
            if all else fails will get a new one maybe with an sd card to play my old Elvis lps I have copied to mp3.


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