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Erratic Propex Heater behavior

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    Erratic Propex Heater behavior

    Im hoping you might have some insight into my problem:

    I have the Propex HS200 (bought within last 4 months) and I have been experiencing erratic performance with it over the last few weeks. Last night and tonight were extremely cold here in the mountains in Colorado (-23C to -12C) and my heater has not been working as it should. The nightly behavior has been as follows: the heater turns on, the green light turns on, and between 10-30 seconds later the light turns off while the fan stays running. Then, the green light comes on again and the heater stays on for 1-3 minutes before the green light turns off and 4x red blinking lights come on. I am confused why the 4x lights come on since I have recently inspected both intake/exhaust lines and replaced a section of the intake line.

    Two nights ago I also got the 3x red blinking lights for improper voltage.

    Taking it back to yesterday during the day, when I replaced a section of the intake line, the heater ran for over one hour between about 2-4pm after the install. No errors resulted, so I drove to a parking spot. After driving to a parking spot it no longer worked. The heater runs on a house deep cycle battery that is powered by solar and the system lives in a Dodge Promaster van. I think that its possible that the battery power/voltage is low in the cold temperature. Could this be affecting the 4x red blinking lights?

    Three nights ago, I was back in Boulder, CO, and the heater was running just fine. However, each time it errors out I am 95+% likely to get the 4x red lights.

    I haven't found much in the way of forum support for this and I'm quite frustrated... Spending almost $1,000 on a heater I was hoping this would work better than it has. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hear that if you blow compressed air up the exhaust pipe that can clear up some issues so I might try that today. I'm sick and cold! Please help!

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Whenever i have phoned or emailed propex they have responded in detail. Try that.
    Mine is older with different lights, but pipes should run from the heater always down hill. On my previous camper once in heavy rain the error for blocked pipes came on because of a partial blockage by water. I could not avoid a flat run so I drilled a tiny hole at the bottom of the lowest point. That sorted it. I have also heard that propex is sensitive to voltage drop, perhaps the cold is part of it. Do you have a voltmeter?


      Hi a couple of things one a member of this Forum had issues with his Propex and improved the performance by fitting an electrical gizmo.

      Have a read at this thread

      I also seem to remember Donks Dad said his heater worked better on Propane gas than it does on Butane but I may be wrong.
      One other thought, this may be wrong, you are at a mile high - does this mean that heaters need altering for a different altitudes?
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        Erratic voltage caused by extra load or temp' drop in the battery can result in the heater going into a fault mode. Also very cold gas rarely evaporates quickly enough to give the volume required to run the heater properly as can very cold combustion air. If the air inlet is very long and the temp outside is very low the combustion air will get very cold in the tube before reaching the heater as the tube acts as a cooler. The super cooled air may cause the gas to begin to condense when they meet and result in the heater going into fault mode. I doubt there is anything wrong with the heater, any gas fired heater will struggle in extreme conditions, better to have a diesel fired heater in these conditions.


          I found out by chance that if I block my outlet pipe (flue) by 30-40% it runs much better. I was having some of the problems you described and that fixed it completely. The HS2000 support team thought it fixed my problem since I was likely having lower propane pressure than it liked, i.e. running too lean, and by partially blocking the flue I made it run richer. You can experiment by using your finger since it takes about 15-20 seconds to get too hot and if that works use some HVAC metal tape.


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