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    romahome queries

    Hi Ant,
    Being new to motorhomes in general and mine in particular, I have two queries!
    1 I have what I believe to be is a 1996 romahome that fits onto a Suzuki Carry, is there a serial number to be found on it anywhere?
    2 How would one demount it, would it have had any legs, if so where would they be? if not where would they be aquired from?

    Hi KEn,

    I'm not sure if Ant is back from his Christmas holidays yet, so in the mean time, I can try to answer your 2nd question.

    The demountable romahome we had was removed by undoing 4 bolts that held in to the vehicle and then jacking it up clear from the vehicle using the rear stabiliser legs and 2 removable legs that slotted into a square hole either side of the 'pod'. Once it was raised clear of the flatbed, it was just a cse of driving the vehicle clear. I know the front legs very often get misplaced/lost and if you had them you'd know about it i'm sure.
    We had to contact the seller of ours and go back to collect the legs, he'd put them at the back of his garage and forgotten about them.

    The legs do occasionally pop up on ebay, i'm not sure if they are available anywhere else.

    There maybe different demounting processes for different 'pods' I'm sure someone else will be along soon to offer more advice.

    Hope that helps,

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      Hi Ken.
      If your Romahome body has the original rear door you will find a date stamp on the upper door hinge or near it.
      Not all demountable bodies came with the demounting kit, it was an option. Demounting legs come up every now and then, sadly I don't have any at the moment. I have seen long reach 4x4 jacks adapted to do the same job.



        Thanks guys,
        There is no serial No on the door hinges, Were they put anywhere else? as I live in Essex and the vehicle is on my neiphews farm in Hampshire I shall give it another good look at when I next go down there (Feb)


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