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    Not Charging

    Hi Ant,
    I'm afraid I need your help again.
    1996 Duo A12 Duo
    I was trying to get my 800w inverter working for my microwave directly connected to my liesure battery.
    I started by having the zig x7 charging the battery whilst using inverter , this wasn't enough power so I switched this off and started the van engine this charged it ok for a while but the battery voltage dropped so I stopped.
    Now I can't charge either with the zig or van engine relay.
    Tried 4 fuses next to liesure. 4 fuses near underneath of van battery.
    All the fusebox one's seem ok on wing, but there are 4 heavy duty big jobs that I haven't properly checked and wouldn't have a replacement anyway.
    Some are 1, 80 amp 1, 60amp 1, 40amp and another can't remember what.
    If you put a charger lead fron the van cig lighter the voltage goes up on liesure but not on zig(which lights led) or van split relay.
    Any help appreciated is it ok to charge liesure with lead fron cig lighter when van engine running ?
    Peter Fowden see you soon
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    No Charge

    Hi, Peter
    What is your voltage reading on the battery?
    If it is 12v or less I would suspect the bat knacked,
    maybe a long slow charge may bring it up,
    What is the voltage reading across bat terminals when engine running? should be a min of 12.7v+, if charging system ok,you really should be looking for 13v+,
    Can you fit another known good battery from somewhere?,
    Not certain how Zig units work, But Check the voltage on the input terminals is 12.7v at least with engine running,
    A Battery that drops off charge like that normally has an internal fault!,
    If I can help any more shout!
    I would be very wary of trying to charge the battery from the fag lighter socket
    You could have 70+amps running through that cable before the fuse blows,
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    If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


      Hi Chocoholic,
      volts are 12.4 on leisure rising quickly to 13.3v with fag charger lead but not zig or engine and split relay


        Is that voltage 13.3v only when the engine is running? with the battery connected?,
        If it is It shows the charging system is OK,
        But the battery still not holding a charge,
        Can you connect another battery in place of that one?
        If all works ok, then you batt duff by the looks of it, can you get someone to run a drop test on it?
        If it is ok then you will have to start checking wires and fuses to find problem,
        Have you moved anything near any suppy wiring in lockers. cupboards, units?
        You may have disturbed a connection somewhere

        The fault could be in the zig unit, ei. fuse,
        Can you find the zig unit input connections to check if power is there?
        Have you a seperate split charger relay? Can you hear it Click when starting engine? has it a fuse in the relay feed wire?

        I not any experiance with zig units at all,
        hears hoping It may be something quite simple,
        I will try to get some more info in the morning Pete

        Just found this site with zig x7 manual available for download,
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        If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


          There are two inline fuses on the wires going to the +ve of the liesure. One fuses the charge from the Zig, the other fuses the feed to the panel. They sound like the suspects to me.


            Thanks Ant,
            it was the inline fuse going into the leisure battery.
            Nice of Romahome to camouflage it by putting a black holder on a black wire and tucking it down out of sight under the zig.
            Nothing said in the handbook that I could find either.
            Anyway thanks again for your help what would we do without you.
            Hope you've got some of those plastic torpedo fuses in stock. I had to hunt through:laughing the shed to get this one working

            Thanks to Chocoholic for all his research and advice, glad it was just a hidden fuse after all. Thought I had checked everthing.



              Hi, Peter
              Glad you managed to get it sorted:so happy:
              Without knowing about the ins n outs of the camper, We can only go back to basics
              Might be worth noting where Different fuses could be located,
              As most manufacturers love to put fuses and whatever in the most obscure places,
              I know because I have a Fiat!!!!
              ANT is the font of knowledge, are'nt we lucky to have a chap like him on these forums
              If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


                Thanks Chocoholic,
                I'm just glad it was only a fuse.
                As you say thanks for Ant.
                I'm going down to Bristol from Manchester 250ml round trip.
                Ant deserves the buisness with all his free advice and his good reputation.
                I'm having a full service, habitation and a general sort out check over on our Duo we've only had it a few weeks and have done 1500mls with no real problems other than me blowing a fuse and a couple of rear tyres.
                So fingers cross he dosen't find anything else.
                There must be 20+ fuses plus the same again from Citroen, just been to the camping shop and got some replacement plastic torpedo fuses just incase.
                Happy camping
                From Peter & Janet


                  Hi Peter

                  If the leisure battery charging system from the alternator is the same as on our Outlook under the bonnet near the battery is quite a large current fuse that has a nasty habit of failing partly due to the load when the leisure battery is flat but also because of high resistances due to corrosion causing the fuse holder to get hot and melt. I changed the fuse holder to a maxi-fuse type and now carry a spare fuse holder and fuse.



                    Thanks Peter,
                    I think ours is the same as yours.
                    Under the bonnet next to the smaller Berlingo fuses is a heavy duty fuse box with 4 high cap fuses from 80-40amps not totally sure what they are for will ask Ant when I see him. Might be for charging liesure bat /eberspatcher etc.
                    The one which stopped the charging this time was a black lead with fuse holder down bottom of Zig unit.


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