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Flys messes help

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    Flys messes help

    Dear Ant

    My wonderful brilliant white motorhome is covered in fly messes, it looks like measles. They are proving incredibly difficult to shift..... Also because my brothers cows frequent the field next to the house and the flys seem to love sitting on the Romahome this is going to be an ongoing problem.

    Any advice welcome please. There must be something that helps...


    Hi tentpeg
    elbow grease
    no ime not kidding its a cleaner from the cheep shops
    comes in a spray bottle about 1.50 a go brill use it for everything (even degreasing engin's HONEST
    try it wou will love me for ever


      Hi Jenny.
      Elbow grease will be the first process then once the van is clean polish the troublesome areas ( if not the whole van) with a high silicone content polish. Regular topping up of the worst areas with the polish will make it much easier to just wash off the dead flies.
      As I'm still working you can tell I've not invented anything that is too easy!



        Not the only one on here that uses this:

        Protects the surface with wax and makes it easier to clean next time.
        Also handy for campsites as it is waterless, where "no washing vans" applies.
        Will demonstrate at West Middlewick.

        Tony Anchorman
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          Autoglym Bug and tar remover followed by polish and wax.
          The polish and wax or sealant will make it easier in the future for bug removal.
          Hope this helps.


            Okay, as this is going to be a constant problem thanks to my brother's cows I think I will get the bug removal stuff and silcone polish. Then because my life is too short i will pick and area on the vehicle and just concentrate on getting it clean every week or so and polishing it and then keep goning when I finish... START at the beginning all over again.

            yes I know it is not the man's way of doing it but my life is too short to fuss too much over a vehicle.... even my pocket rocket.


              try tethering a frog to the windscreen wiper,they love flies
              Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                nice one, Ian.



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