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Hi my battery is flat in my Nu Venture campervan

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    Originally posted by Lescut View Post
    I connected my cable and and switched to car inside van..when I locked the van i noticed cab interior light on ..when checking i think I caught it with my head so now know why battery was flat. This morning disconnected cable and car was nearly fully charged !! Just ran it to Lowestoft and back
    so very happy...thanks for advice i have learnt something ...
    Good to know the engine will start, and is charged, Les. Have you tried switching on anything in the habitation unit , for example a 12 light, to see if the leisure battery is charged? Remember to switch it off again if working!

    Leaving a light on is easily done. I once left a car radio on... it was 'almost' switched off, and no volume, so I didn't notice it wasn't properly turned off. The result was also a flat battery!


      My Wolsely has a six volt charging system, an ammeter and a clock. It also has a starting handle which is a life saver on occasion. If I leave it for more than a day or two, I disconnect the battery. When I start up the ammeter needle swings over almost all the way and shows 12 amps charge. It usually takes about ten minutes running to settle down to about two amps. It can be frightening if you don't understand what's happening and I'm not surprised that the manufacturers replaced the ammeter with a simple warning light. Apart from being cheaper, it's either on or off no matter how much power is going in our out of the battery. The big advantage with a dynamo is that if it goes wrong, you can usually mend it. You throw an alternator away and fit a new one.
      Unless you live on a steep hill, nothing will replace the good ol' starting handle.


        I have solar panels on the roof so both batteries are charged ..hope you are ok and coping with lockdown. This site is brilliant for advice glad I joind it ...


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