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Water pump nae working..nor is windscreen skoosh in Berlingo..

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    Water pump nae working..nor is windscreen skoosh in Berlingo..

    Dear Ant,
    I've been running the Eberspacher heating every fortnight as you said to keep it nimble but the rest of the sensible winter precautions mentioned on this site have passed me by. Help me - is this not a van sold in Sweden for cold spells??
    Now, neither the windscreen skoosher, nor the water pump in the van work since the first cold snap. Not a single noise from either pump - is this coincidence? I'd drained the van water but not opened any taps etc. The windscreen skoosh was topped up with krekt stuff and the nozzles are clear etc. What to do?
    Also, my spanner is showing so, despite MOT not being due until July, when should I make my way down to you for its 4th annual service?
    It's really a blessing I've never reproduced.
    Effiemac (with an O)

    Hi Effiemac ( with an O)
    The windscreen washer and the water pump inside are not related in any way. The washer pump may have fallen foul of the winter conditions, not so much the freezing bit but the salty bit, councils have been chucking so much salt about this year it may be that the connector plug that powers your washer pump has corroded. It's tucked up inside the off side front wing.
    The caravan water pump should have been ok if you drained the system fully, however that's easier said than done on some Outlooks. I suspect yours has a one way valve about 14 inches up the pipe from the pump, this holds the water in the pipe, and makes it quite hard to drain the pump fully without undoing the clips that hold the valve and separating the pipe to allow the water to run back to the tank on one side of the valve. The pipe is reinforced and rarely gets any frost damage. Having said all that the pumps normally make a noise and get the locker wet! If yours is silent I'd look at the fuse on the panel, if thats ok, turn the pump on and give it a tap they sometimes just stick.
    As for your service thingy, ignore it, you must be doing short trips. The ECU on the engine will count how many times the vehicle has been started, how long it ran, how hot it got between starts and how many miles have been covered. It works out, that if you do all your motoring the same way you'll need a service sooner. Do a couple of long trips and you'll find the service interval gets longer!


      The screenwash pump may be a blown fuse as a result of trying to use them when frozen. the Citroen handbook identifies the correct fuse under the bonnet


        F14 is the fuse number on your van. found in the black fuse box under the bonnet, (right hand side looking at the van), it's a 10amp mini blade fuse.


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