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Zig battery charger

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    Zig battery charger

    Hi Ant,

    As I keep my leisure battery fully charged with a trickle charge type battery charger at home, I don’t usually use the onboard Zig charger when on camping trips in my Roma (a 2005 Berlingo Hylo). I therefore turn to off the switch on the white box under the passenger seat next to the charger and also turn the rocker switch on top of the Zig charger to the off position.

    I would like to check that by driving with the Zig charger turned off can’t in any way cause an increase in the amount of charge reaching the vehicle battery? What I mean is (and apologies if its a silly question), by not using the Zig charger the power that it would be drawing if it were in use can’t somehow cause the vehicle battery to receive too much charge?

    Does the Zig charger draw its power direct from the vehicle battery or direct from the alternator when the engine is running?

    As you may have seen in the Technical Forum, I had a nasty experience recently when my new vehicle battery blew off its inspection window cover whilst driving along spraying battery acid over my engine. I’m a bit paranoid at present about how a vehicle battery could get overcharged (if that’s what happened) whilst driving and I want to make sure that by not taking power from the vehicle battery/alternator to run the Zig charger can’t cause any problems.

    Thanks, Terry.

    Hi Terry.
    Don't get confused by the zig charger being anything other than a mains charger. The batteries are charged by the alternator while the engine is running, if you've got the zig turned off it plays no part in anything. The only way to over charge a battery from the engine is if the voltage regulator on the alternator has failed. A battery can distroy itself if some of the cells are creating a short circuit within the battery, this leads to the battery overheating and possible explosion.
    I would get your alternator tested just to be sure it's not over charging.


      Thanks for the reply Ant. I’ve had the alternator checked and its working OK so I assume the problem was caused by a faulty battery cell in the new battery.


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