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R30 - wires under driver's seat

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    R30 - wires under driver's seat

    Any idea what these are?


    They were discovered during a deep clean of the cab area - two sockets floating loose with no apparent purpose. Are they part of the Citroen wiring loom to serve something not fitted to our van - or part of the Romahome conversion which ought to be connected to something?

    I dislike the idea of electrical sockets floating around with the possibility of inadvertent contact with something and the ensuing flash bang shorting out 😠

    I have temporarily cable tied them out of the way but that is a bit of a bodge. What should I do with them as a permanent safe solution?

    Any thoughts ...

    I would hazard they are Citroen wiring - most manufacturers produce one wiring Loom per model - so unless you have the model with every "bell and whistle" you will find these unused sockets. At a guess one is probably heated seat,and the other may be for a seat sensor triggering a warning light if the seat is occupied and no seat belt on, - as I said only a guess.

    If you are worried you could check to see if either has a live feed - check without ignition - with ignition on and with engine running As they are sockets not plugs there are no exposed pins and they can be safely left in place. In all likelyhood these wires go to blank spaces in the fusebox. If you do not have central locking, electric windows or electric mirrors, you will probably find simular vacant plugs in the door.

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      Yep, I'm with Jon on this. My Ducato has similar-ish spare wiring in various places which are obviously part of the standard wiring loom. I wrapped the ones under the seat in insulating tape before cable tying them out of the way, but more because they looked untidy than any concerns about safety. If you try to remove them permanently I suspect you'll cause more issues than you solve.


        Fully agree with Jon and Mike. Found no less than 3 similar sockets tucked inside the drivers side rear door pillar. No idea what they are/were for, one of them is ignition live but with a 1 minute delay after the ignition is switched off. I'll have a look under the drivers seat for more!



          Hmmm... I tried to have a look but there is a parcel tray fitted under the driver's seat. The wiring that comes up from under this goes to the seat belt pre-tensioner.

          Thought..... As a commercial van, some configurations have 3 front seats. I'm wondering if the excess wiring might be for the pre-tensioner on the third (middle) seat.
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