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C15 Headlamp adjusters worn

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    C15 Headlamp adjusters worn

    Hi Ant,
    My C15d 1989 failed the MOT due to the headlamps not very secure. I put it down to wear of the cable end ball adjusters and being made of plastic. Do you have any kicking around I could buy from you rather than be fleeced for £18+ each on ebay. Does the socket in the lamp wear too? 2x >1989 lamps £31.50 each

    Kindest regards


    Happy Christmas by the way.

    I have now welded some metal onto the worn balls and ground them to a round original shape. The bottom plastic mounts I have decided to Araldite into a secure position,they were loose before. At the end of the cable adjuster there should be a small piece of rubber tube to act as a kind of spacer and that was missing on one side causing the headlamps to be a little shacky. It could be the MOT tester is very strict hoping toget the work and charge me £200, as they do.


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