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Outlook Duo 2008 - Radio Wiring

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    Outlook Duo 2008 - Radio Wiring

    I have an Outlook Duo 2008 model. this is my second Outlook, previously I owned a 2002 model.

    I wanted a radio with remote control (so I can control the radio when I'm lying in bed, or eating my dinner!), so a local supplier fitted a Clarion CZ500E which has a small infra red remote controller. When it was fitted, I asked for them to also connect the steering stalk remote control (which was not working with the previous radio). When they took the old radio out (I don't think it was the original) they found that the connecting plugs on the wires had simply been cut off previously. Therefore, although they could install the radio, which is working fine, they could not connect the steering stalk remote, as there were many wires, not connected to anything, and with no indication which was which.

    I've been to another auto electrician, and they have said they could probably connect up the steering stalk remote, if they had a wiring diagram, and if they could establish what type of plug was originally on the end of the wires - would it be 2 x ISO or would it be a quad? I have already bought a Autoleads PC99-CLA (to connect to the Clarion radio). I have also bought an Autoleads PC99-x87 to connect to the original wiring, but this may be the wrong one, but the autoelectrician can supply another one if needed.

    Can you advise what type of plugs were originally on the wiring when supplied by Citreon/Romahome, and can you supply a wiring diagram or details of how to wire up to a replacement (original) connector(s).

    Many thanks

    PS When I tried the Clarion CZ500E I was very disappointed to find that the infra red remote controller, switches off the radion, and does all the other things like volume and station, but it does not switch on the radio, so have to get out of bed to switch it on.

    Hi Derek.
    I normally send my vans to a specialist radio man if I want to change the unit and retain all the original functions. Without knowing which unit your van had originally it's not easy to say which block it had originally. It could have been a 20 pin or an 8 pin! If you give your chassis number to a Citroen dealer they may be able to tell you what the original equipment was and if you were to order a replacement remote switch which block end it would have.


      No luck so far

      Hi Ant

      Many thanks for your reply. I went to my local Citroen dealer in Edinburgh, and gave then the details of the vehicle. They refused to give me the information about how the original wires had been connected. They did say they could replace the wiring harness at the front of the van, cost £133.58 and 4 or 5 hours work at £75 per hour, so that's not an option.

      Its a shame, because both my radio fitter (well known and respected in the area), and the other auto electrician (also well known and respected) would be happy to wire it up, to be like the original, if they had the information do identify the wires and type of connectors.

      I could go around local breakers yards to get a vehicle with original radio and wiring, but it may be difficult to ensure correct vehicle, and I don't relish going round breakers yards (I used to do that many years ago). I did wonder about web sites that get parts from many breakers yards, and I could ask for an original radio, with plugs and connectors still attached.



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