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R30 - Fuseboxes

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    R30 - Fuseboxes

    Hi Ant,

    We are thinking of fitting a reversing camera to our 2009 R30. Rather than connect it into the power supply of a reversing light (the wiring in the light clusters is inaccessible due to the washroom and fridge side panels blocking the standard van apertures, and anyway we would like the facility to be able to use the camera when parked), we would prefer to power it from a fuseway up front with a manual switch to control on/off.

    The Relay handbook tells me that there are three boxes of fuses on this van, one in the engine compartment which has one unused fuse, one on the passenger side fascia panel (which is actually on the driver's side) which has two spare fuses, and one on the "driver's pillar" which has 5 spare fuseways. I cannot even find this latter panel. Where is it?

    Having located the passenger/driver fascia panel, how do I access the rear in order to connect a new wire, and how can I determine whether fuseway number 34 or 46 is permanently live or ignition controlled?

    Finally (as if I have not already asked too much) can you suggest a wiring route from the panel above the rear doors to the cab of the van without having the wires on show? I have tried removing the zig panel to gain access to the back (the panel is wedged in its hole by the wiring behind it), and there seems no accessible route behind the cupboards and cab interior trim.

    Have you fitted one of these in the past?

    Any hints or ideas?


    Hi Barry.
    Standing looking at the upper back lockers you'll see a screw cover top right on the trim. Take this screw out and pull the whole trim panel away , keeping the left side where it is. This will give you better access to the behind scene area. You can run a wire behind the upper rear lockers and down the the n/s rear pillar, behind the fridge, the sink and oven, appearing by the gas taps. Either go under the false floor to the cab or along the trim in the doorways. Be careful choosing fuses to use, some of them will give a greater resistance to the "Ecu" and may cause other problems. As the battery is under the floor in the cab it may be easier to take your own fused feed from the battery and not risk upsetting the vehicles electronics.


      Thanks for that Ant,

      I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to get a wire through behind the fridge, sink and cooker, both at high and low levels. I was using a piece of stiff house wiring cable as a guide, to push through so that I could then use it to pull the floppy camera and power wires back.

      So far, no joy.

      There are so many obstuctions behind there that I could not get the guide through. Any more thoughts on routing. The only other option that seems possible is to go under the front of the fridge round the water heater, drill holes in the side of the under-sink and under-oven cupboards at floor level and then gain access to the underfloor lockers alongside the water pipes. I don't want to drill any more holes than necessary.

      I have yet to tackle the high level panel over the back doors and the rear N/S pillar, no doubt I will find yet more obstructions.

      I take your point about the fuse situation and I will next investigate the front half of the van to find the battery, and then seek access routes to the dashboard for monitor and switch positions.



        I have now managed to insert a guide wire from the rear overdoor cavity (thanks for the advice on removing the panel), behind the washroom lining and into the water pump area. I have also removed sufficient cab step and under dash panels to find a route from the top of the dash down to the rear of the driver's entrance step.

        All (!!!) I have to do now is to connect those two round the structural B pillar by the handbrake and seat belt mounting.

        BUT, how to get across to the battery compartment from the offside of the cab? The rubber matting is insulated and fixed down to the cab floor, and by groping under the edges of the mat it seems that there are obstructions (strengthening ribs?) and wiring looms in the way. I am reluctant to just poke a wire through where it might chafe through under the driver's floor matting. As an alternative, I thought about running under the dasboard area, but there seems no apparent way of securing a wire across the van under the dash area avoiding the pedals, steering column, central storage box etc.

        The under-dash fuse box is still annoyingly and temptingly staring me in the face, but I am no vehicle electrician and I would not know which fuse I could safely use, bearing in mind your earlier advice.

        All (sensible) ideas gratefully considered.



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