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Position of Earth Terminal?

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    Position of Earth Terminal?

    Hi Ant. I just fitted a new leisure battery (Numax CXV24MF) to my 92 C15D Hylo, and noticed that the negative lead from the battery had sticky tape round it, which is often a sign of bodgery. The visible wires into the QD clamps looked a bit meagre as well. Removing the tape showed that at some time in the past somebody has had a massive short, as the insulation on the earth lead is melted in many areas, and obviously should be replaced. I would like to renew the earth lead from the leisure battery all the way to the earthing point, but..... where is it?
    The only reference I can find is that it is at the forward end of the nearside bunk, but on mine the loom runs from the control panel, down past the pump, and disappears forwards into the sidewall behind the water fill pipe.
    Where is the fixing to the chassis?
    I also have a thin black wire appearing from under the floor carpet and entering the sidewall under the passenger seat belt lower mounting-any idea what that is?
    Many thanks

    Hi Dick.
    The earth point is behind the water tank on the "B" post, you need to remove the tank, and stuff yourself into the seat locker!
    The other wire you mention is a mystery!


      Thanks, Ant!
      Can you recommend a dwarf gynaecologist?
      No? Oh well, I'll dive in myself.....
      Cheers, Dick


        Ant is right again

        Hi Ant. You were absolutely correct. Having removed the water tank from its location (along with various water pipes, of course), all becomes clear. I was able to replace the earth lead from the leisure battery to the B Post, and everything works. I am rather mystified by Romahome using such light gauge wiring, and self-tapping screws, but then I'm old-fashioned.....
        Thanks again for the help !


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