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daihatsu hijet romahome

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    daihatsu hijet romahome

    how difficult (or easy) would it be to take the stripes off the side of my romahome and replace them with new fresh ones. Would it be messy or sticky and what wud I use.....!!!!!

    Any help wud be appreciated.


    Hi Laura
    I've taken a fair bit of signage off in the past. The stripes on mine were tatty and with the use of a hot air (paint stripper) gun on the lowest setting or even a hair dryer they come off pretty easily.
    Sometimes they leave a residue of adhesive and this can be removed with an adhesive remover from any motor factors, just make sure you read the instructions.
    I had a local sign maker make new ones for me and if you want to see, have a look here;-

    It might sound strange but my partner has the same outfit as you and I have a Romini. We both enjoy different interests and go away on our own occasionally.

    Good luck.

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