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Eberspacher not starting

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    Eberspacher not starting

    Hi Ant,

    The eberspacher heater on my '06 Hylo won't work after not being used over the winter (my fault for not running it up every once in awhile).

    I have tried starting with engine running and with electrical hookup. When switched on the blower fan runs and heater seems to start up, but get lots of smoke out of exhaust, then system shuts down.

    I have tried to start maybe four/five times over a couple of nights. I have now read that after a few false starts the ECU self destructs. Is this true?

    Maybe related, before starting first time I noticed the water reservoir was empty so I topped up with 1:5 water:antifreeze.

    Any idea what might be wrong, and will it be expensive to fix?


    The self destruct mode is only when voltage is too low, if you've been trying to light it with the engine running you'll be ok.
    The lack of water in the header tank will stop the heater lighting, after filling it you may have to get the air lock out before the heater will go. You can squeeze the pipe that leads to the heater under the van and hear the water sloshing about in it, do this while trying to light it and sometimes the air lock shifts.
    The other common problem for heaters left unused is the internal fan on the heater unit gets stuck, this leads to the air flow to the burner being inadequate and after some thick white smoke from the exhaust it stops. You can be lucky with continual attempts, otherwise the heater will need servicing ( taken off stripped at cleaned).


      Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated.


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