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Thank you AGAIN Ant!

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    Thank you AGAIN Ant!

    Not a question but just a very big thank you on the forum to Ant for rescuing my holiday to Wales a couple of weeks ago. A problem with the van, the evening before my trip, appeared to mean the holiday was either a write off or at the very least delayed for a week. Anxious phone calls from me and calm, expert advice from Ant. In the morning running repairs and even a little bottle of clutch fluid ''just in case'' en route to the bridge via Avon Motorcaravans!
    Pam even printed me off directions avoiding Bristol which was very reassuring.

    The repair held. I did not have to do any exciting ' under the bonnet ' activities for which I am very grateful!

    I had a super holiday and faced my fears re the roads round the severn crossing which means I shall now be able to visit the beautiful Welsh countryside whenever I like!

    I think this was pretty impressive service.

    Thank you so much.


    He is a really genuine guy, when I had a problem earlier this year he was just so good. For me he takes all the stress out of any problem I might have with the camper, to me that is worth gold.

    Romahome is just so lucky to have him as a dealer because he really promotes brand loyaty........


      Thanks you two, -- Cheques in the post!!

      A problem only becomes serious if you can't get it fixed! we don't do serious at AMC!!


        Hi Ant,

        I only met you and Pam today but thank you for all the work that you did on the van and you have another convert. Now I know why everyone sings your praises.

        It sounds daft to do a 220 mile round trip for a service instead of 20 miles but it was well worth the effort. All the problems that the previous garage couldn't solve have been put right and I didn't notice until I got home that you also managed to remove the greasy mark on the material pelmet that they had left me as a souvenir when they "almost" put my van back together after their ineffectual efforts to correct their own installations.

        The service, the fuel and a weekend at Cheddar and I am still MUCH better off than if I had gone locally.

        Hope to see you again next year or sooner if I decide to go for the bike rack, it was really useful to discuss the pros and cons with you. I also appreciated that your efforts to get Lizzie back on the road for our holiday a couple of weeks ago as we had a great time.

        From a very impressed new customer.



          Originally posted by Theresa View Post

          The service, the fuel and a weekend at Cheddar and I am still MUCH better off than if I had gone locally.
          That's exactly what we found when we started using Ant for servicing as opposed to our local Citroen garage but perhaps we didn't ought to keep telling him, he might decide he is too cheap.
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            Luckily money isn't what motivates me, in fact I don't always know what Pam has charged for a job! She keeps the books balanced.


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