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rear crossmember

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    rear crossmember

    Hi Ant

    our nice 20 year old Romahome seems to have a major rust problem
    the rear crossmember has some serious corrosion which requires welding but our welders' concern is that the rear suspension and axel will need to be removed so that he can get access to it.So he needs to know where it will be safe to support the vehicle without it breaking it's back as he does not have a jig to do the job. He only has the normal garage hoists.

    Any guidance would be invaluable.


    Providing the cills are solid the original jacking points hould be suffiecient to support the vehicle whilst the rear suspension is removed and remedial work is carried out. Any competent car body repairer should know this.

    If the jacking poits are suspect they should be repaired first. (What would you do igf you had a puncture and had to remove a wheel?



      Hi Nigelic.
      The jacking points should be ok to support the vehicle as Peter has said, I just add the belt and braces rule to never open the cab doors on the older C15s when they're supported on the cills. I had an old VW in the early 80's on the ramp supported in the sam way and made the mistake of opening the drivers door, it never shut again!!


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