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    Battery charging


    Not being electrically literate, I would be grateful if you could clarify how the charging circuits and switching are arranged on the Dimension 2, the manual doesn't seem to cover this.

    When travelling, the engine alternator obviously charges the vehicle battery, does it also charge the leisure battery, and if so, how should the three way switch on the 'van's control panel be set, or doesn't it matter? We normally travel with this switch in the central (off) position. Is this right?

    When on hookup, the zig charger (presumably) tops up the leisure battery, does it also simultaneously charge the vehicle battery. When on site, we switch the three way to "caravan"; when parked up at home, it remains "off". This switch never goes onto "car", am I missing something?

    I ask this latter point, since I wondered whether I should have left the 'van connected to the mains over the winter in order to keep the engine starting battery in good shape. As it happens, I did not and there were no problems, but with an older battery ... ?


    The engine does indeed charge the 2nd battery whatever you decide to do with the panel switch. If you leave the van unused for a long time leave the switch in the middle off position, I do this for no other reason than it eliminates anything in the Romahomes part from draining the battery. There is no reason to have the switch in the car position unless you have a flat 2nd battery and need some light in order to find out why!
    When plugged into the mains the Zig charger will only charge the 2nd battery, the only route it has to the vehicle battery is via the split charging relay when the ignition is on.


      Thanks very much for that, all is now perfickly clear


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