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c15 heater motor

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    c15 heater motor

    Hi ant, just a few queiries about the heater motor (fan/blower) in my 'S' reg Citroen Romahome.

    I put the fan on for the first time ever two days ago and after just driving down the road the most horrible smell of burning drifted into the vehicle. I couldn't get rid of the smell.

    This morning, I started the engine and switched on the fan and immediately the burning smell came again and very soon after I noticed smoke whisping from the vents in front of the windscreen (on the outside).
    I immediately turned everything off. (Panic!!)

    There is obviously something wrong with the heater motor and I wondered if you had any suggestions as to what could cause this.

    Also could you tell me where I could find the fuse for the heater motor.

    I'm afraid to drive the vehicle now in case it catches fire.

    Hope you can help me

    Thank you for your advice, Ant.


      EEk! That sounds serious Marie! I hope Ant can sort you out soon!


        Excuse my interjection but I know about these heaters from the C15s I have serviced over the years.

        Under the drivers side dashboard is the heater blower. Yours is worn out and the rotor is rubbing at the plastic case and causing the burning smell. Dont switch it on. You need a new unit that can be purchased from GSF for about £75 but may cost more now.

        Remove the small drivers shelf.

        It's held in place by 2 screws and some of the sound proofing will need to pulled away. One connecter block to pull apart.Pull blower outdown and sidewards.

        I haven't fitted one for 2 years now.

        Get Ant's opinion as well as mine.

        Good luck


          Thank you, riosromahome for your information. It's just what Ant suggested.
          As I hadn't used the blower in the time I'd had the m/h, I've decided for now to disconnect the blower switch. Got this done yesterday.

          Yes, It was quite scarey, jay jay. Glad to know what caused it, though.


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