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Dimension 2 electrics - idiot's question!

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    Dimension 2 electrics - idiot's question!

    Hi Ant,

    When the van is on EHU and the isolation switch by the zig unit is turned off, am I right in thinking that the lights and other 12v electrics would be working by drawing power from the leisure battery, the battery would not be charging, but there would still be mains power available through the 3-pin mains sockets and the fridge would also work on the mains setting?

    (If so, it would explain why my leisure battery ended up flat after a recent outing even though I was on EHU........... the isolation switch might have been accidentally left in the 'off' position without me noticing because everything still worked.............. as I said, an idiot's question! ) The battery itself seems OK and has just been checked and passed as fit for purpose by the garage, so I can't think why else it would have done this.

    As an aside, is it really necessary / advisable to turn the isolation switch off before connecting to EHU and then back on again, as recommended in the handbook?
    .......... Sid

    Hi Sid.
    Yes, if the isolation switch is off then you will use the leisure battery for all things 12volt until such times as it dies!
    As far as the trips being off while you plug in the EHU in goes, I must admit I don't bother, it is supposed to stop any power surge damaging any appliances that run from the mains. I've never had any problems with power surges in the last 27 years, in fact so as to give my memory a break I leave all the things that run from mains on, ( fridge, charger mainly) so that I don't have to remember to switch them on when plugged in! Against all the rules of the handbook I know but I've not come to any harm yet.


      Hi Ant another battery related question, so I thought I'd pop it on here.

      I'm thinking of buying one of these

      I have a 75ah leisure battery, but can't charge without EHU and no chance of going out for a run to charge up the battery as I now have a caravan! Do you think this would be any good? It has good reviews, and I thought if I could set it up permanently and put it on an extension thru to an electric socket in the van, then I could rely on the battery not running out on long trips. I only have four lights running off the battery at the moment, but intending to put a 12v pump/tap at sink later on. I don't have a 12S grey lead either!

      Here's the specs:
      Halfords Maintenance Charger

      * Suitable for Motorcycle, Vehicle, Tractor, Caravan
      * Suitable for gel, standard, maintenance free and wet batteries
      Can be left connected for extended periods
      * 0.75 Amp charging rate
      * 3 stage fully automatic charging program maintains battery at optimum charge
      * Pack includes 2 output cables
      * LED indicates charge status
      * Reverse polarity, spark and short circuit protected
      * Weight: 7.1kg
      * Dimensions (LxDxH): 60x85x85mm

      Thanks, Jacki


        Hi Jacki.
        That is a trickle charger, you could use it to maintain your battery while it was not being used much, but as it has a max charge rate of 0.75amps I doubt it would keep up with the battery once you've finished fitting all you want. You really want to be able to charge at between 2 and 4 amps to allow water pumps lights and a TV etc.


          Thanks for that Ant. I did wonder whether it was powerful enough. I was toying with the idea of fitting my own battery charger in there which is more powerful, this just looked like the ideal solution, maybe they have one with a better charge...

          Perhaps you or someone could recommend one! LOL! I'd like it to have the O ring connectors so can be connected permanently, rather than crock clips, if poss.
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            Thanks Ant, I knew that all the 12v stuff would take battery power, but it hadn't sunk in that the battery also wouldn't be charging!

            Because the mains sockets were all live, and the fridge worked, I hadn't realised that the isolation switch was off. I think in future I will just leave it alone......... !
            .......... Sid


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