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C15 Romahome Tow Bar

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    C15 Romahome Tow Bar

    Hi Ant,

    I have looked at the rear underside of my c15 with the thoughts of making a towbar. I see no reason why I could not utilize the 4 corner steady mounts for attaching a one piece tow bar assembly.

    I am a welder by trade and make all sorts of one offs. I think that towing a caravan would be unwise but a small trailer certainly.

    I would welcome your advice here.


    Hi Ecobezhig.
    Most of the towbars made for the C15 utilise the rear crossmember of the original chassis and then down the chassis legs on either side, that sorts the pulling strength, the nose weight is a bit harder to cater for, many bolt through the rear floor of the Romahome pod and plate it inside. You're a brave man wanting to use the steady fixings, in my experience the captive bolt that Romahome use to attach the rear steadies nearly always turns when you try and undo the nut and anyway the steady was fitted with the force pushing it up in mind, the tow bar would be pulling against the intended direction of force.


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